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Strict Liability Abolition

New York University Law Review This Article reinvigorates the case for abolishing strict liability in the criminal law. Undertaking an intellectual history of mens rea policy, I spotlight two fundamental

Guilty Minds

Maryland Law Review This Article develops a new vision of mens rea by returning to a bygone era’s conception of the guilty mind. The common law understanding of mens rea

Woman imprisoned for 25 years attempts freedom again, citing Mississippi Today reporting

April 21, 2023 – Mississippi Today Attorneys for a woman convicted of capital murder in the death of her then-fiance’s son are once again asking the court for a new trial.

Does Mens Rea Matter?

2023 Wisconsin Law Review 287 Does mens rea matter to the criminal legal system? Our study addresses this question by performing the first-ever empirical analysis of a culpable mental state’s

Politics’ influence on local criminal justice is the subject of Tulane Law Gamm symposium

March 15, 2023 –Tulane University The impact of politics on jails, prisons, courts, prosecutors, police, and defense attorneys are just a few of the topics that will be addressed at

Policing Pregnancy “Crimes”

New York University Law Review This spring, A4J Deputy Director Valena Beety completed revisions on her essay, Policing Pregnancy “Crimes”, which documents particular wrongful convictions, and proposes methods to challenge

How Women in the U.S. are ‘Overcriminalized’

February 28, 2023 – Crime and Justice News Former prosecutor Valena Beety believes that women are “overcriminalized” in the United States. Beety, now a law professor at Arizona State University,

Woman convicted of murder 22 years ago denied release despite changed evidence

February 23, 2023 –WLBT 3 “This federal magistrate most recently, has said this was simply a battle of the experts. So it’s on the one side, you have Tasha’s experts.