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Student Research Assistants

Alex Earle, 2023
Amelia Jacobs, 2024
Angie Vertti Canto, 2024
Ashleigh Fixico, 2023
Courtney Fleager, 2023
Erin Romano, 2023
Evan Ridley, 2024
George “Dewey” Warner
Haille Saal-Khalili, 2023
Jaidyn Rumpca, 2023

Kylie Love, 2023
Lexi Carroll, 2023
Lilly Harris, 2023
Madison Benson, 2023
Monica Moazez, 2024
Sam Lederman, 2024
Sarah Pelton, 2024
Sydney Plaskett, 2023
Yan Idrissov, 2024, Research Assistant – Fellowship Program with the Law Enforcement Practices Consortium

Doctoral students at the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Cassie Harvey
James “Alex” Purdon

Research Assistant – Crime and Justice News

Claire Cornelius, 2022
Heaven LaMartz, 2024
Samia Salahi, 2023

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