Politics’ influence on local criminal justice is the subject of Tulane Law Gamm symposium


Politics’ influence on local criminal justice is the subject of Tulane Law Gamm symposium

Tulane University The impact of politics on jails, prisons, courts, prosecutors, police, and defense attorneys are just a few of the topics that will be addressed at this year’s Gordon

How Women in the U.S. are ‘Overcriminalized’

Crime and Justice News Former prosecutor Valena Beety believes that women are “overcriminalized” in the United States. Beety, now a law professor at Arizona State University, calls herself a “carceral

Woman convicted of murder 22 years ago denied release despite changed evidence

WLBT 3 “This federal magistrate most recently, has said this was simply a battle of the experts. So it’s on the one side, you have Tasha’s experts. On the other

What Happens When Community Violence Intervention Gets the Support it Needs to Thrive?

The Appeal As cities look to make new investments in non-police responses to gun violence, the Bull City United program in Durham, North Carolina, shows the importance of stable funding

The Weldon Project and Mission [Green] Announce the Release of Medical Cannabis Prisoner Luke Scarmazzo

Cision Weldon Angelos, Founder of The Weldon Project and Mission [Green] which focuses on gaining the release of cannabis prisoners, announced today that he helped secure the release of Luke

The Innocence Project’s 9 Must-Reads of 2022

The Innocence Project From deeply moving personal storytelling to thought-provoking research, these new books are our must-reads of 2022 for those looking to deepen their understanding of wrongful conviction, its

Texas Death Penalty Cases At High Court Raise DNA Issues

Story by Shannon Johanni; Two capital cases have wound their way through the Texas state criminal courts to the U.S. Supreme Court, highlighting substantial concerns with the state’s criminal justice system involving DNA and the death penalty.

Bail Reform: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

HBO With midterm elections approaching, John Oliver discusses the issue at the core of many republican attack ads: bail reform. Oliver discusses research from the Academy for Justice’s Reforming Criminal