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Brittney Griner Trial in Russia

Academy for Justice Deputy Director Valena Beety spoke with Fox 10 AZ AM’s Syleste Rodriguez and Ty Brennan about the start of Phoenix Mercury player Brittney Griner’s trial in Russia.

Brittney Griner’s court case begins Friday, experts speak out

Brittney Griner’s court case began Friday, as legal experts speak out.

A4J Partner: Crime and Justice News

Every weekday, Crime and Justice News provides a summary of significant news developments from around the nation. The summary is edited by Ted Gest, a veteran journalist based in Washington D.C. Starting in January 2021, the news report has been based at Arizona State University, in collaboration with the Academy for Justice.

‘Bite Marks,’ Homophobia, and Bias: How Two Women Were Wrongly Convicted Because They Loved Each Other

“This case was a confluence of faulty forensic evidence — bogus bite mark evidence — homophobia, stereotypes about drug use, and bias against substance use disorders, which all converged together to lead to these wrongful convictions,” said Valena Beety, who represented Ms. Stubbs in her post-conviction litigation.

Supreme Court Limits Prosecutions For ‘Crimes of Violence’

What is a crime of violence and does it include attempted robbery under the federal Hobbs Act? In a 7-2 decision, the Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that attempted Hobbs act robbery does not qualify as a crime of violence.

In the Opioid Epidemic Prosecutions Don’t Always Help Victims

After working as a Rape Victim Advocate, I knew that I wanted to become a prosecutor. I saw how violence impacts survivors. I wanted to end the cycles of violence and stop the perpetrators. I thought prison was the answer, and that I could be a protector.

Supreme Court ruling could send innocent Arizona convict to his death, critics contend

We might see another innocent person executed. We like to think that there aren’t any innocent people on death row. But there are.

A Call For ‘Radical Transparency’ To Prevent Police Corruption

On Monday, April 25, the Academy for Justice hosted former Inspector General of the DOJ, Michael Bromwich, for a roundtable discussion on Baltimore’s Gun Trace Task Force: A Case Study in Police Corruption. A4J RA Sydney Plaskett, wrote about the discussion and findings for Crime and Justice News.

Gaydos and Chad talk with someone who opposes the death penalty. Is it too expensive?

A4J Deputy Director Valena Beety spoke with the Gaydos and Chad show on KTAR about the death penalty and why it doesn’t make sense.