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Balancing the Scales: Mysteries, Thrillers and True Crime 2022

Publishing true crime can be a delicate proposition: satisfy the reader’s appetite for thrills, drama, and bad guys being brought to justice, but also present the story factually and conscientiously. PW spoke with editors about forthcoming books that reach for nuanced portrayals of real-life crimes. A4J Deputy Director Valena Beety’s forthcoming book, Manifesting Justice, was featured in this article

Brittney Griner Arrested in Russia – Professor Beety Speaks with AZ Family Good Morning Arizona

Academy for Justice Deputy Director Valena Beety spoke with AZ Family’s Javier Soto about the recent arrest of Phoenix Mercury player Brittney Griner and how the political situation makes the situation difficult for the WNBA star.

A4J Partner: Crime and Justice News

Every weekday, Crime and Justice News provides a summary of significant news developments from around the nation. The summary is edited by Ted Gest, a veteran journalist based in Washington D.C. Starting in January 2021, the news report has been based at Arizona State University, in collaboration with the Academy for Justice.

Arizona bill would end an effort to stop racial bias in jury selection before it begins

Opinion: A bill reinstating peremptory challenges would end an important experiment in Arizona to fight racial discrimination in courtroom. The Arizona Supreme Court in August enacted a transformative rule: potential jurors can no longer be struck from serving on a trial jury without a reason. The authors are faculty members at Arizona State University [including] Valena Beety [who] is a professor in the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law and Deputy Director of the Academy for Justice.

Pima County works to reduce overrepresentation of Native Americans in its jails

“Racial bias and racial bias compounded by poverty or economic struggle really make certain communities much more vulnerable to getting involved in and trapped up in the criminal legal system,” said Valena Beety, a law professor at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University.

ASU Foundation awarded $250,000 grant to conduct Sentinel Event Review of police use of force

The ASU Foundation has been awarded a $250,000 grant by the American Arbitration Association – International Centre for Dispute Resolution (AAA-ICDR) Foundation to explore the development of a statewide system for conducting Sentinel Event Reviews (SER) of police use of force, particularly among vulnerable populations. The award will also fund several actual SERs to demonstrate the concept.

Misguided criminal justice decisions got us here, better decisions can lead us out

Arizona Capitol Times “Criminal justice reform is a frequent topic of conversation in Arizona, and for good reason. Over the past few decades, Arizona policymakers have been too quick to