The Academy for Justice generates a wide range of research on criminal justice reform, which covers five main areas: Punishable Crimes, Policing, Pretrial & Trial, Punishment & Sentencing, and Prison, Release & Reentry.


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    Expungement Reform in Arizona: The Empirical Case for a Clean Slate

    Sonja B. Starr discusses that in the past few years, many states have adopted or expanded legislation allowing people who meet certain eligibility requirements to expunge their adult criminal convictions. The latest wave of reforms makes this relief automatic after the requisite number of crime-free years have passed.

    Forensic Evidence in Arizona: Reforms for Victims and Defendants

    Valena E. Beety, Professor of Law in Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University, recognizes the strengths of the current forensic evidence system in Arizona and proposes innovative reforms appropriate for labs that are leaders in the field. Arizona is particularly well situated to increase its lab independence and to serve additional members of the criminal legal community: namely, defendants and victims.